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Tradition & Experience

Hostal Oro Fueguino, we intended to maintain a continuous improvement process that covers absolutely needs and service expectations of our guests.

So we’ve established a suitable and convenient link between resources and benefits, training and involving employees and suppliers, so that there is always motivation and total responsibility for the effective achievement of a high quality service, warmth and continuous improvement.

Our interest is to ensure maximum satisfaction to our guests, for which we keep permanently occupied in giving workers the Hostel the best training and technical resources available within our reach.

We always strive to maintain:

  • Ongoing evaluation of procedures and performance.
  • Concern for a work environment with encouragement and promotion policies that allow personal and professional development.
  • Continuous review of our management systems and quality control.
  • Effective models of self.
  • Attention to identify needs and requirements of the host, anticipating the emergence of disagreements.
  • A high responsiveness to always give a quick response, constructive, positive and totally satisfying guests and members of the organization.
  • To develop our employees skills that allow the delegation of responsibility and self control.
  • Develop and use an internal communication system, such as active channel of transmission between all levels of the organization.

Hostal Oro Fueguino in Punta Arenas Chile, is a friendly and comfortable Hostel to stay inPatagonia, our passengers feel at home.